Single crystal silicon ingot for Semiconductor

Silicon is an indispensable material in the world as a standard substrate material for various electronic devices such as CPU, memory, sensors, and MEMS.

M Setek Co., Ltd. started semiconductor applications in 2018 by utilizing single crystal silicon ingots technology for Photovoltaic which we are producing since 1984.

We can produce ingots up to 300mm (12inch), and wafers co-working with our partners.

Our Technology

Single crystal silicon ingot for Photovoltaic

Our single crystal silicon ingots for Photovoltaic are the only one in Japan, and one of the world’s leading production scales.

We are producing more than 60,000 single crystal silicon ingots per year, which is equivalent to 1.5 of nuclear power, also equivalent to 1.5 GW in terms of solar power generation, enough to install more than 300,000 solar panels for home use.