Rice is an essential staple food for Japanese people. Needless to say, food is a very important “item” that is indispensable for human life. Among them, Japanese have been eating rice as a staple food.

Similarly, in Japan industry, “item” which are very important and often needed are called “RICE OF INDUSTRY”. During Cold War era, STEEL meant for it, which supported Japan’s high economic growth, but when Cold War was over, Semiconductors took over its position. Since 1984, before Cold War ends, we have started manufacturing and selling single crystal silicon ingots, such materials for semiconductors which will become the future “RICE OF INDUSTRY”. In addition, not only manufacturing and selling single crystal ingots/wafers for photovoltaic, but also we have been working on poly silicon which had been worried for world wide supply shortage. We have been pursuing silicon for many years, and we’ve also started manufacturing and selling single crystal silicon ingots and wafers for Semiconductors, based on our own production technology, and upon our customers’ strong request.

For Japan, who are aiming to become an industrial nation, materials for Semiconductors are indispensable now. There are demand for continual evolution and development of science and technology, strong physical and mental strength of human beings, and unwavering emphasis and unity of workers. We are convinced that “Our single crystal silicon” will be useful for whole human all over the world.

Jim Lee